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Sales Territory Includes: New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware,
New England States of Massachussetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Washington, D.C.

Basler Electric: Alternator voltage regulators, static excitation systems, solid-state protective relays (industrial and utility grade), specialty transformers, power controls (Upstate New York, Metro New York, and the New Jersey area only).

Enercon Engineering: Generator paralleling switchgear, Genrator set packaging and multiple multi megawatt gen set testing facilities, Automatic transfer switches, isolation bypass switches, circuit breaker distribution switchgear, enclosed low and medium voltage circuit breakers

GT Exhaust: Wide range of silencer products; Standard Silencers, Disk Silencers, Spark Arresting Silencers, Slimline Low Profile Silencers and Intake Silencers. Emissions Technology offerings including Diesel Particulate Filters, Catalytic Solution Silencers and Catalyst Combination Silencers. GT also provides a full range of accessories such as flanges and wye connections, many with same day shipment. In addition GT offers a full range of thermal wrap exhaust insulation for silencers and accessories.

LaMarche: Magnetic amplifier and controlled ferro battery chargers, high-frequency telecom chargers and power systems, inverters and specialty uninterruptible power systems to meet specific applications such as UL 1481 listing for fire alarm systems (Upstate New York, Metro New York, New Jersey, and New England States in telecom and utility markets only).

Myers Telecom Power: 24 and 48 VDC Power Board systems in racks and outdoor or indoor enclosures, bulk power battery add-on run time cabinets, specialty UPS systems, Flexite Modular Outdoor Walk-In Enclosures, COWS (Cellsites-On-Wheels) and COLTS (Cellsites-On-Light-Trucks)

LightbulbNorthstar Battery: Diverse line of valve regulated lead acid batteries in top and front terminal versions. Applications include telecom, UPS and general standby power systems. Product lines include standard lead calcium grid SILVER series, RED series pure lead grid for high temperature resistance and deep cycling, BLUE series for extra rapid recharge. Recently introduced 2 V stackable cells in seismic rated front terminal racking systems. Cabinetized and open rack battery systems in standard and seismic ratings as well as climate conditioned battery cabinets.

Rocore: Industrial unit mounted and remote radiators (horizontal and vertical designs) ,and oil coolers for power generation equipment . Company specializes in standard and unique low noise high efficiency designs.

Ronken: Industrial oil-filled capacitors, low and medium voltage type, for commutation circuits, motor start/run, lighting ballasts, Ferro-resonant transformer systems, and special power supplies (Metro New York and Northern N.J. only).

SAFT America: Industrial wet nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries and standby power systems for engine and gas turbine starting, electrical switchgear control, standby power for fire and security alarm, UPS systems, and general emergency backup power. Product line includes fit for purpose low, medium, and high discharge rate families of batteries as well as valve-regulated semi sealed cells for very low maintenance and special photovoltaic "Sunica" series for solar power applications. Company also markets the Eternacell premium line of utility-grade, wet-vented, lead acid batteries featuring pasted plate low antimony-selenium series of cells, tubular cell, and plante cells. They also have a full line on flame-retardant lead calcium recombination VRLA batteries up to 1000AH. SAFT offers a full line of single- and three-phase power, and two-rate silicon controlled rectifier battery chargers for use with either the nickel cadmium or lead acid batteries.

Staco Energy: Single and three phase "on line" double conversions uninterruptible power systems., Voltage regulators, power factor correction systems (Upstate N.Y. ONLY)

Time Mark: Voltage , current and phase monitors for electrical equipment protection, micro processor based pump controller systems, custom protective relay devices.(NY., N.J. , Eastern Pa. only).

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